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I was thinking about the bikes Allan and I rode to Bulgaria. He had a Dawes Galaxy – their strap line by the way is ‘Discover your world’ which is rather nice. And my bike at the start of the trip was a Trek. However that got stolen on the second night, so I bought ‘Bertha’ in Utrecht as a replacement.  Bertha was/is a Simplex 2500 bike. She’s completely different from the Trek and so took some getting used to. She’s really high, has sit up and beg handlebars, a dynamo, 12 speed gears and a wide, comfortable seat.

In a bid to find out more about Bertha I googled her real name, ‘Simplex 2500’.  The first result that came up was a link to a bike called the ‘Dutchie Chic’. It was such a fantastic name that I really wanted it to be my bike but it wasn’t! It turns out Bertha was made by the Simplex Automatic Machine Co, established in 1887 in Utrecht by an Englishman called, Charles Bingham… you learn something every day.

Anyhow this is a bit of a red herring because Bertha is still in Bulgaria and over here in the UK I have another Trek  In order to be in peak condition when I’m reunited with this bike in early April I have been attending aqua aerobics classes, good fun and more strenuous than you would think.

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