Books, bikes & interviews

My book is definitely available on Kindle now just click here if you fancy having a look at it. You can also get hard copies directly from me at

I’m hoping, when I manage to understand Amazon’s ‘CreateSpace’ thing I’ll be able to offer hard copies via Amazon too. Wouldn’t that be something? Best not to hold your breath! Anyhow to finish off the ‘books’ bit of this entry I was interviewed by Lionheart radio in Alnwick a couple of weeks ago. If you’d like to listen to the interview click on the url below.

Re bikes, I’ve been riding mine along the Northumbrian coast from Warkworth to Alnmouth. It’s only about 4 miles but an easy way for me to get to the nearest mainline train station. The ride may be short but to borrow someone else’s words it’s beautifully formed. Alnmouth is a picturesque town set in a bay of unbelievable beauty and cycling high above the sea is so  uplifting, particularly when it’s not raining. I’ve also been cycling to Amble to swim in the pool there. A good combination cycling and swimming providing you can get into number 1 gear (I guess that’s a technical term) in time to get up the blinking great hill on the way home.

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