Resen bike ride

We’re in Bulgaria at the mo staying in our house in Hotnitsa, a village near the old Bulgarian capitol of Veliko Tarnovo. The weather is a steaming hot 38 degrees. With this in mind we set out the other day before the sun really got started and we rode to Resen, a village 7kms away. Not far you might say – and you’d be right! But under the circs: boiling weather, on a day when we were between groups of visitors, with me riding ‘Bertha’ for the first time in two years I think we did pretty well.
The ride was beautiful. Along smoothish lanes with dappled sunlight popping through the trees until we got to the railway crossing. This part is like a mini Beirut with  holes in the road, rail tracks standing proud of the tarmac and  gravel scattered like confetti over the whole area. But if you decide to do the bike ride don’t be put off by this bit, the rest is fun and it’s great to get to the centre of Resen and have a Turkish coffee at Meggie’s cafe.
I don’t have any photos of Resen but I do have a lovely photo of the waterfall in our village.

‘Bertha’ by the way is still a great bike to cycle. She feels safe, high and majestic!

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