Riding the Devil’s Triangle


This was a great ride (approx 6miles) from Hotnitsa to the T junction at Resen, turn right, ride up 3 hills – the second one is the worst – long and high. Straight onto the next T junction just before the village of Samavodene. Take a right, there’s a short pull uphill then it’s downhill all the way back to Hotnitsa. The triangle is a right angled one with the 3 hills forming a sort of wavy hypotenuse.

As we rode the sun turned into a giant, red ball and bobbed about on the horizon for a while before disappearing.  I would have taken a photo if only I’d remembered the camera! However flushed with success we did the same ride again the next night and in the absence of a wonderful sunset I took a photo of Bertha standing next to the sign for the village.

Image Allan gave me the award above. I’m one of only 3 women/girls (you know who you are) to have completed the Devil’s Triangle ride  this summer.

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2 thoughts on “Riding the Devil’s Triangle

  1. You know, I am not really in to bike riding but reading this has made me want to go and have a go…. its been a bloody long time though.xx

  2. Anytime you fancy having a go Sarah, give me a shout and I’ll go with you. Ex

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