The Ditchin Demon

We’ve been away for a week at the coast. Sozopol to be exact. Fantastic place especially at this time of year when the Apollonia Arts & Music festival is on. But I digress, the purpose of this blog is to tell you about a ride I did a week or so ago.

From Hotnitsa take the road to Rusalia, it’s a bit up hill but not too bad if you take it steady. At Rusalia take a right and when you come to a fork in the road take the right again. This road leads to the village of Ditchin and it’s a lovely part of the ride. Obviously the road is full of potholes but it’s shady and at the end there’s a lovely view of the river Rositsa. The one big climb of this ride is over the bridge as you approach the village.

The river Rositsa at Ditchin

At the top turn right into Ditchin. Ride straight through the village to Vodale. The road is high so you can see for miles. Continue through Vodale towards the cross roads where you turn right into Resen.

But don’t forget to look to your left just before the cross roads to see the ostrich farm!! Yes there really is one. See pic below.

Once you’re in Resen take the usual route through the village back to Hotnitsa. This ride is about 19 miles, so it’s quite a comittment but on a sunny afternoon when you have no time constraints it’s brilliant!

Quite strange!

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