Trains & bikes &…….

Just come back from a cycle trip in Varna on the Black Sea coast.  We took our bikes on the train, a first for us in Bulgaria and it was easy. For 2 lev you can put your bike in the guards van. There are no restrictions on the number of bikes per train.

We started the ride by cycling from Hotnitsa to the train station at Gorna Oriahovitsa. The ride took me 50 mins. If you’re lucky, at the station you might get to see the magnificent train which used to belong to King Boris, currently being used as a tourist train and pulled by a steam engine.

The Steam Train

Our train was not so posh but the journey was fine. Probably worth paying an extra 3lev for first class. No buffet but there are loos.

Our train

Varna is a great place to cycle especially the Sea Garden which is a huge park with statues, an outdoor theatre and plenty of cafes. The Cathedral of the Assumption in the centre of town is worth a look as is the Naval Museum where you can see a couple of  pics of ships which were built in the ‘Toon’ – Newcastle on Tyne that is. There’s also a great ride (on the rather scary E 87 it has to be said) up north to St Konstantine and Elena. There you’ll find the thermal baths with natural spring water so hot you can’t bear to stand underneath it. Have a massage provided by Nelson to complete your trip.

Cathedral of the Assumption

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