Haring along to Hauxley….going to have to stop with the alliteration soon!

We’re back in Northumberland now, trying to acclimatise to bracing headwinds and sudden downpours. Yet despite the inclement weather the ride yesterday from Warkworth via Amble to Low Hauxley was exhilarating.

If you want to do it, it’s best to start in the market place in Warkworth alongside Cabosse. You could even sample the French patisserie or luxurious croissants there before you set off.

Head up the main street towards the castle, follow the road around and take a left along the braid to Amble. This part of the ride is spectacular especially at high tide when the river is full to bursting, the swans are steaming gently up to the bridge and the cormorants perched high on stones spread their wings out to dry.

Warkworth Castle

At the end of the braid turn left at the entrance to the marina and follow the path along by the fence. You’ll come out at the car park. Take a left again past Spurreli’s coffee and ice cream shop (stop for the award winning pistachio if you have time) and continue past the harbour to the  T junction. Take a left there and follow the road, with the sea on your left, until you leave Amble behind.

Continue on the undulating terrain until you spot the beautiful, beautiful beach huts at Low Hauxley (I want one!).  I dare you to cycle past them without stopping to visualise yourself living there. I once came upon a film crew there pretending one of the beach huts was located on a fiord in Norway.

Tear yourself away and follow the road around to the right and continue until you reach the main road. There turn right back into Amble and retrace your steps (wheels?) to Warkworth and have a glass of ice cold Pino Grigio in the lounge of  the Warkworth House Hotel and celebrate a grand day out.  The whole ride is approx 10 miles.

Boats in Amble Harbour

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