Pottering around in Putney

Went on a wonderful bike ride ride in Putney last Monday.  We cycled down the high street to the river and turned left towards Barnes.  Past the boathouses where the terrain turns from concrete to track we were plunged into the autumnal countryside. Leaves as big as dinner plates floated and fell around us while boats bobbed on the river – idyllic!

A fine rain started as we cycled past the magnificent building which used to be Harrods furniture depository – now a block of luxury flats – what else? And onto Hammersmith bridge.  If you’re doing this ride cross the bridge and take a right. Follow the well marked but twisty cycle track. This leads down to the river. Turn left and head on back to Putney.

If you have time, stop at Fulham Palace. I know, a palace in Fulham – unlikely. But it’s there and to be fair it’s more like a manor house but it has a wonderful Tudor courtyard, beautifully laid out gardens and a fabulous cafe where I had a confusing conversation with a waiter who mistakenly offered me a flat mate as opposed to a flat white! Fulham Palace, it turns out was the home of the Bishops of London in years gone by. Anyone who is old enough to have seen the film, ‘A Man for all Seasons’ can visualise the bishops travelling by boat from their palace to Westminster, Hampton Court etc.

After a sojourn at Fulham Palace head back towards Putney Bridge, turn right onto the bridge and cycle back to the bottom of Putney high street. A great circular route, probably about 7-8 miles long.

I forgot to take my camera so no photos this time.

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