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Oh oh…sorry my mistake…

In my last post I gave you the wrong link for the bike haiku. This should be the right one. Fingers crossed!

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Bike haiku

I love this website

It’s a list of haiku written by people who love cycling. Although at the mo the submission form isn’t working and you’re directed to the forum to upload your pearls of wisdom. Which is a problem for me because I can’t find the forum!!

Shame really as I had a belter of a haiku to put up.  The haiku I like best is one that starts’ ‘I want to ride my bicycle…’ and ends with ‘thanks Queen.’  Who would have thought it? I wonder if Freddy had haikus in mind when he wrote the song.

Not much cycling done recently because of pouring rain. I have dodged the puddles to cycle to the shops and have been working indoors on marketing the Straw Works programme of courses. Just in case I haven’t beaten you over the head enough with the info here it is again.

Straw Works Ltd are running a great, new series of courses on strawbale building. Look on their website for their Bale Frenzy 2013 programme.

First course is at Hackney City Farm on 9th Feb.

Happy cycling & strawbale building for that matter!

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Cycling in Bulgaria

The snowy weather put paid to our cycle trip to Cafe Oto in Dalston. We were meant to go last Friday evening. Got the bike lights ready and everything …then the snow came…then the trains were we ended up with a Friday night in. Not what I was expecting. Since then I’ve had a couple of  rides to the shops through sleet and biting wind but other than that there’s nothing to report on the cycling in Crawley front.

Which is why my mind turned to Bulgaria and the sun. Last summer we did half a dozen rides around our village of Hotnitsa. They varied in length and difficulty and were good fun. Therefore I was wondering if anyone (probably over the age of 50 to be fair – don’t think I could go fast enough for younger folk) would be interested in a cycling holiday in Bulgaria? May or June would be best when the weather is good but not too hot. We could provide accommodation, veggie meals, conducted cycle rides and an intro to the bright lights of Veliko Tarnovo.  Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll develop the idea.

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Top 10 books on cycling written by women

Slow progress but that’s no reason to give up. The list of top 10 books on cycling written by women has grown by one:

Full Tilt By Dervla Murphy

The rest of the list is as follows:

A Bike Ride: 12,000 miles around the world. By Anne Mustoe

It’s not about the tapas. By Polly Evans

Wind in my Wheels: Travel Tales from the saddle. By Josie Dew

Any more thoughts? We’re almost halfway.

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An item again….

Bertha and I are on the case again now. Hoping to spread our wings (wheels!) and ride in London to Cafe Oto next week. But at the mo we’re recovering from a trip to Evans Cycles where it was discovered by a very helpful guy that Bertha’s front wheel was on the wrong way round. I didn’t even know that was possible! Poor Bertha, she’s obviously been under the weather too. Never mind onward and upward!

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A Christmas Day Bike Ride

It sounded so nice. A bike ride on Christmas day. And it started off OK too. Admittedly not the most beautiful route through Manor Royal Business Park in Crawley but soon with a little help from a handy roadside map (thanks Crawley Council) and a following wind we found our way to Goff’s Park.

Cycling around the edge of this green space was uplifting especially knowing that a delicious Christmas dinner was waiting for us on our return. But then it started to drizzle and suddenly I felt unwell. I was breathless and tired. I had to stop and drape myself over Bertha’s handlebars until I’d recovered. Then ride back home was wet and exhausting.

As the day progressed amid food and games my throat got steadily more sore until it felt as if there was a furnace raging inside. I had to leave the party early and from then until now I have been ill with throat and cough problems enhanced by a touch of Norovirus  – gorgeous!

But today, I feel better. I’ve been to Pilates -by car, not on my bike but by the end of the week I firmly expect Bertha and I to be and item again. Here’s hoping….and here’s to a happy, healthy 2013.

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