A Christmas Day Bike Ride

It sounded so nice. A bike ride on Christmas day. And it started off OK too. Admittedly not the most beautiful route through Manor Royal Business Park in Crawley but soon with a little help from a handy roadside map (thanks Crawley Council) and a following wind we found our way to Goff’s Park.

Cycling around the edge of this green space was uplifting especially knowing that a delicious Christmas dinner was waiting for us on our return. But then it started to drizzle and suddenly I felt unwell. I was breathless and tired. I had to stop and drape myself over Bertha’s handlebars until I’d recovered. Then ride back home was wet and exhausting.

As the day progressed amid food and games my throat got steadily more sore until it felt as if there was a furnace raging inside. I had to leave the party early and from then until now I have been ill with throat and cough problems enhanced by a touch of Norovirus  Рgorgeous!

But today, I feel better. I’ve been to Pilates -by car, not on my bike but by the end of the week I firmly expect Bertha and I to be and item again. Here’s hoping….and here’s to a happy, healthy 2013.

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One thought on “A Christmas Day Bike Ride

  1. Ha ha!! Wishing you and Bertha a happy and health 2013 (and everyone else of course)xxxxx

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