Top 10 books on cycling written by women

Slow progress but that’s no reason to give up. The list of top 10 books on cycling written by women has grown by one:

Full Tilt By Dervla Murphy

The rest of the list is as follows:

A Bike Ride: 12,000 miles around the world. By Anne Mustoe

It’s not about the tapas. By Polly Evans

Wind in my Wheels: Travel Tales from the saddle. By Josie Dew

Any more thoughts? We’re almost halfway.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 books on cycling written by women

  1. Carole

    I love reading the roving reports from this site; I learnt of its existence after meeting a most charming couple at the Granary Swimming Pool, Amble Links. I don’t know their names so forgive my lack of knowledge. If the couple from Amble are reading this, I am the one who thinks riding 6 miles along the Quayside at Newcastle is a great accomplishment. I am so scared that I will not go out in cold or nasty weather, or indeed if I think anyone is watching me. However, I bought a cycling trainer hoping to build my skills, over the winter months, to a higher level in readiness for spring. I hope to be able to tell you tales of my adventures and I have set myself a goal of a 10 mile circular ride between Warkworth and Hauxley.

    Slow Rider, Newcastle upon Tyne

    • sixtyonabike

      Thanks for your comment Carole, that was so nice of you. I enjoyed meeting you in Amble that time in the pool and it sounds as though you’ve got a great plan going for yourself for the new year. Good luck with the winter training.

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