Bike haiku

I love this website

It’s a list of haiku written by people who love cycling. Although at the mo the submission form isn’t working and you’re directed to the forum to upload your pearls of wisdom. Which is a problem for me because I can’t find the forum!!

Shame really as I had a belter of a haiku to put up.  The haiku I like best is one that starts’ ‘I want to ride my bicycle…’ and ends with ‘thanks Queen.’  Who would have thought it? I wonder if Freddy had haikus in mind when he wrote the song.

Not much cycling done recently because of pouring rain. I have dodged the puddles to cycle to the shops and have been working indoors on marketing the Straw Works programme of courses. Just in case I haven’t beaten you over the head enough with the info here it is again.

Straw Works Ltd are running a great, new series of courses on strawbale building. Look on their website for their Bale Frenzy 2013 programme.

First course is at Hackney City Farm on 9th Feb.

Happy cycling & strawbale building for that matter!

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2 thoughts on “Bike haiku

  1. Will be checking out this site since I did write some Christmas cycling oriented haikus last year.

    • sixtyonabike

      Great, I’d love to read them. I’m trying to write some myself at the mo but unfortunately I’m feeling very uninspired!!

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