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Not riding but running…

I haven’t been on my bike for ages but I have been running. Perhaps I should change the name of this blog!

Anyhow I thought I’d tell you about a great free podcast which might interest you. It’s called, ‘From couch to 5k’. It’s an NHS product and its purpose is to get you running 5k – about 2.5 miles ( I think)  in old money, in 30 minutes!! I can hear you muttering that it’s not possible but the prog is divided into bite sized chunks, Laura – the narrator is unfailingly encouraging and I’m on week 4!

Each session is 30 mins long. Week 1 is about walking briskly and running for 60secs at a time. Week 2, you run for 90 secs continuously. Week 3 is 3 mins running and in week 4 we run for 5mins. Each run is repeated, for example in week 4 there are 2 x5 min runs and 2×3 min runs, so you run for a total of 16mins…OK so now I’m losing the plot and blinding myself with numbers. If you’re interested I suggest you look at the NHS site and download the prog to your phone and hit the road. Good luck! It’s surprisingly satisfying – and this is from someone who spent a lot of time and energy trying to get out of games and PE at school.

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The Society of Women Writers & Journalists

The title sounds impressive eh? I’ve just been accepted as a probationary member and have the certificate to prove it with PROBATIONARY written in caps.  After 2 years my status will be reviewed..then who knows what will happen?

The definition of  probationary membership is –  ‘a women writer who has not yet achieved the status of professional writer and/or writers with serious intent to work towards that end. Evidence must be supplied to the Council by means of documentation.’

The info I’ve been sent looks interesting, there’s a mag, competitions, meetings, literary events and on production of my membership card I can get into the New Cavendish Club. How exciting is that! Perhaps I’ll even cycle there when the weather improves.

So far I’ve been too excited to read everything properly. I’ll keep you posted about the benefits of the society as I become more familiar with it. If anyone is interested in learning more, their website is:

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