I know this blog is traditionally about cycling, with a bit of writing thrown in and more recently some running. But today I’m widening the focus (is it possible to do that!?) to include strawbale building which is another passion of mine. In fact I’m writing a book about it…..don’t hold your breath it’s going slowly.

Anyhow I wanted to tell you about Ecobuild an event  taking place in London from the 5-7th March at ExCel exhibition & conference centre in the Docklands.  I’ll be there with a company I’m working with, Straw Works Ltd

You will find us on the Natural Materials stand number S1660 near door S5. Barbara Jones (the director of Straw Works) will be speaking in the session headed, Construction Materials & Methods on Wed 6th March at 12.30 – seminar room 8.

In 2008 my family and I with help from Barbara, built a strawbale house in Bulgaria. There’s info, pics and even a slide show with music about the house on our website

At Ecobuild, Straw Works will be building a small strawbale building in situ complete with demonstrations of natural plastering. Don’t miss it!

Hope to see you there.

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