I’m Eileen. I have to say that I find this ‘about’ stuff a bit unnerving. If I start with my age, that’s potentially off putting. If I tell you about my work background that’s irrelevant, so I think I’ll start with what I’m doing now.

I’ve just moved with my husband to Three Bridges near Gatwick & Crawley to be nearer our family who are all down in the South. I’m spending time cycling around the area, attending writing groups and working with Straw Works – a company that builds straw bale houses.

In 2006 my husband and I cycled from North Shields (near Newcastle on Tyne in the NE of England) to a little village called Hotnitsa near Veliko Tarnovo where we have a house see www.hotnitsa.com

The ride was 1971 miles (approximately)! I wouldn’t like to say I whinged and cried all the way but I certainly did through Holland and Germany. By Austria I was fitter. In Hungary we had a rest, Slovakia was brief and Serbia was magnificent. Bulgaria of  course was triumphant. If you’d like to read about the ride my book is available on Kindle, click here


 I’m currently working on my second book – working title ‘The Straw House’ which is about the straw bale house we built in Bulgaria in 2008. It’s going slowly at the mo but I’m hoping that when the house moving trauma is over, the settling in period has passed and the painting is finished I will really get down to writing – my aim is 2,000 words a day.  So I’d better get on with it…

Thanks for dropping by.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. judithoreilly

    i was so sorry to hear about Matt Eileen. Your sorrow and grieving must be immense to lose him at the point you did. I am glad u liked the book – it’s important to me that it has something to say about loss which i think can be overlooked sometimes (maybe because if you have not been through it, you prefer to pretend it’s not there? You and I know that it is something you have to take inside yourself and live with). I am glad u made ur journey (and what a journey) and I very much look forward to downloading ur book (I managed to break my kindle lately so am pleading for another.) As soon as I have one I will buy ur book. judith x

  2. Hi, Eileen. I don’t know if you remember, but Carole and I met you and Allan here in Bulgaria a while back (we live near Tryavna). Anyhow, we’re buying a copy of your book, which looks great, and me and Carole plan a cycle ride in the opposite direction, Scotland to Bulgaria – so any advice would be helpful, though we will probably learn a lot from your book. Do drop us a line – John and Carole

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